Ruian Fengtai Standard Co., Ltd.
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Product Category
cheese head · bending shape
welding nails
T shape
Standard Category
DIN 471(-1)-2011
DIN 471(D1400/A)-1981
DIN 472(D1300/J)-1981
DIN 472(N)-2011
DIN 6796-1987
DIN 6797(A)-1988
DIN 6797(J)-1988
DIN 6798(A)-1988
DIN 6798(J)-1988
DIN 6799(D1500/RA)-1981
DIN 6799(D1500/RA)-2011
DIN 7993(A)-1970
DIN 7993(B)-1970
DIN 981(KM)-1983
DIN 983(D2100/AK)-1981
DIN 984(D2000/JK)-1981
GB 7246-1987
GB 858-1988
GB 860-1987
GB 861.1-1987
GB 861.2-1987
GB 862.1-1987
GB 862.2-1987
GB 895.1-1986
GB 895.2-1986
GB 896-1986
GB 955-1987
GB /T 5287-1985
GB /T 893.1-1986
GB /T 893.2-1986
GB /T 894.1-1986
GB /T 894.2-1986
GB /T 97.1-1985
GB /T 97.1-2002
JB /ZQ 4341-2006
JB /ZQ 4343-1997
JIS B 1196(T 1A/1B)-2010
Q 312
Q 397
Q 419
YJT 7011(M1308/JV)
YJT 7013(M1408/AV)

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 About Us
Ruian City Fengtai Standard Component CO.,Ltd is an enterprise specializes in circlips,washer and kinds of Non-standard stamping.Since the company was founded,with technical progress,scientific management and effectice quality assurance system,the product upgrading all the time,production value and profit increases year by year.After more than ten years hard working ,the company has became leading manufacturer of circlips in south of Zhejiang.


The company establishing and perfecting the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification with  quality

strive for development ,reggard the quality of product as enterprise life,take quality as core of competition ability.And has long-term cooperation with hundreds of companies in mainland.


Take credit and quality as our slogan,and win the market with good reputation,it is the start also the end of our working.Fentai People feel glad to develop and cooperate with all friends to climb to the top of standard component trade.